To our respectable consumer,

We greatly appreciate the interest you possess in regards to the ENLIL Wind turbine. We have received many positive reactions and still are receiving a lot of emails. However currently, the wind turbine is still in its developmental phase as we continuously strive to improve our design ensuring that the product we present fulfills new heights of potential, is as well built, tested, and efficient as possible. Below you can subscribe to the newsletter and be up to date with the product and future plans. For media inquires please send a mail to

Renewable Energy

We are bringing you to the smart and renewable cities of the future. ENLİL is a smart vertical axis wind turbine project that transforms highways into renewable energy sources by using the dynamics of the city. It also provides comfort and safety to the city thanks to the build-in sensors and an intelligent platform. By placing the hybrid vertical axis wind turbine (including a solar panel on top of it) on highways, ‘’Metrobus-lines’’ and other transportation lines as well as high-rise residences , ENLIL will generate energy by using the winds created by the vehicles aswell as the natural winds. It will also measure the city’s temperature, humidity, wind and CO2 by using the the build-in sensors and the IOT platform. The measurements made by ENLIL will be used on the carbon footprint map to provide the comfort of the city and it will also contribute to the safety of the city by providing information to possible earthquakes in Istanbul with the earthquake monitoring station. Also a mobile app will provide information and data about the generated energy and measurements made by ENLIL, to whoever needs it.